PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (2023)

If you’re hearing a strange noise from your PS4 and thinking that it’s going to take off then you’re not alone. Many PS4 owners face this loud fan problem with their console and this terrible sound is just unbearable.

But, is there anything you can do to make this loud noise to go away? Yes, there are many ways to fix this problem and make your PS4 much quieter. Read on and you’ll find the best fixes for your loud PS4 fan.

Loud Ps4 Fan Best Noise Fixes [year]

  1. Canned Air (Best Solution)
  2. Cleaning Jelly
  3. Manually Cleaning your PS4 (Taking Apart the whole thing)
  4. Applying Thermal Paste
  5. Replacing the Fan

Why Is My PS4 So Loud?


In case if you’re wondering why your PS4 fan is making a strange noise, the most common problem is that you haven’t cleaned your PS4 in a while.

The most common cause of this issue is that there’s a lot of dust inside the Playstation and it needs to be cleaned.

The dust particles inside your Playstation can block the airflow inside the machine which causes many problems including overheating and loud fan noise.

Broken Fan

Suspect number two is definitely a broken fan. If you’re used to gently slap your PS4 after every lost game then there’s a chance that you have a broken wing which is causing this horrible sound.

However, it’s not very common. If you’ve recently dropped your PS4 on the hard floor then it is also a possibility that a broken fan is making the loud and very annoying noise. Read also: how to quiet laptop fan loud noise and best quietest aio cooler[year]


If you’re gaming for long hours on your PS4 then there’s a chance that the extensive gaming is causing the console to overheat.

When you keep playing games on your console for more than just a few hours then the PS4 really starts to heat up and the fan starts to run at its full speed causing the loud noise.

The most common cause of this problem is that your thermal paste is not working effectively or you’re playing games on very high or ultra settings.

In this case, all you will have to do is lower the graphics of the game and you’re good to go.

Defective Hard disk

Sometimes the workload on Hardisk can cause loud noise from PS4. If you think that the noise is coming out of hard disk then it is an indication that hard disk is failing.

Another indication of failing hard disk is that games will take forever to load. Hopefully, we will not have to deal with this type of problem in the future because Sony has finally decided to add an SSD in their next-gen console.

Ventilation Problems

If your PS4 is placed against a wall which is minimizing the airflow can also cause your PS4 to heat up which results in loud fan noise.

Make sure to keep your PS4 in a place where there is no obstruction in front of the cooling vents.

There is a simple fix for this problem. All you will have to do is place your Playstation vertically and make sure that all the vents are open.

How To Make PS4 Loud Fan Quieter

There are many ways that can help you make your PS4 loud fan quieter. Some require you to take apart the whole PlayStation while other options can be used without disassembling your PS4.

1. Canned Air

Best Fix

PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (1)The most common cause of a loud fan is that there’s a lot of dust sitting inside your console.

The dust inside can make your fan to go crazy and make weird sounds.

To clean this dust, the best way is to use Canned air/Compressed air.

You can use the Canned air to easily get the dust-out and clean the whole thing without taking apart your PS4.

There is a precaution that you need to take before using this option. The first thing that you will have to keep in mind is that make sure to blow the air into the vents from a small distance.

Blowing the air directly into the vents can break your fan and also cause some significant damage to your Playstation internals.

Another thing that you will have to keep in mind is to never use a vacuum cleaner. It can literally break your PS4 from the inside and completely destroy the whole thing.

Also, don’t use a leaf blower to clean your PS4. It can also do some significant damage to your console. We recommend the highly-rated Falcon Dust-Off Electronics Compressed Gas Duster.

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2. Cleaning Jelly

PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (2)The canned air can clean most of the console but still, there’s a chance that some dirt will be stuck between the vents.

This is where the Cleaning jelly comes in.

You can use the Cleaning Jelly to thoroughly clean the vents. The cleaning jelly will clean most of the dust from the exposed sides of the vents and completely clean them.

Using Cleaning Jelly is quite easy. All you have to do is take the jelly out of its pack and try to push it inside the cooling vents. Make sure to gently push or roll the jelly on the vents to get the best result.

But, If you’ve shoved the whole jelly in the vents then there’s a chance that some piece of the jelly will remain in your console and cause some serious problems.

Just be careful when cleaning your PS4 with this cleaning jelly and you’re good to go. We recommend the ColorCoral Cleaning Gel.

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3. Taking Apart Your PS4 and Cleaning it

If the external cleaning options are not working and you’re still hearing a strange noise from your PS4 then it’s better to take apart the top lid and clean the vents.

The first thing you will have to do is take out the top lid where you can easily access the fan vents.

Use canned air directly into the fan and the side vents and hopefully this will work and you don’t have to take apart the whole thing.

However, If you’re still having issues with your fan then it’s better to take apart the whole thing.

Opening up PS4 is not very complicated and everyone can easily disassemble their PS4 if they have the right tools.

Once, you’ve taken apart the whole thing, make sure to get all the dust-out and this will make pretty much fix your loud fan problem.

4. Applying Thermal Paste

PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (3)One of the main cause of loud fan is that the console is overheating and the fan is running at its full speed and making a very loud noise.

To fix the overheating issue, you will need to apply a thermal paste to the core of the console.

First, you will need to take apart your PS4 completely and find the main board of the console.

If you’ve never done something like this before then I’d suggest taking your PS4 to a professional.

However, If you’re experienced in taking things apart then this task will be quite easy for you.

Once you’ve reached the main board of the console, you will see that there’s already a thermal paste applied to the processor.

But if you’ve facing overheating problems then it’s probably because your thermal paste has expired.

Now, all you will have to do is to buy the high-quality thermal paste and apply it directly to the processor of your PS4.

Changing the thermal paste will surely fix the issue of overheating and you won’t have to worry about changing your thermal paste for years if you’re using a good quality paste.

We recommend the highly-rated yet affordable ARCTIC MX-4 – Thermal Compound Paste.

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5. Replace the Fan

PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (4)If nothing has worked so far then this means that there is something wrong with the fan of your PS4.

It might be broken and needs to be replaced.

Sometimes, a broken fan can cause this loud and strange noise but there is an easy fix for this problem as well.

Replacing the fan will also require you to take apart your PlayStation. Once again, replacing the fan is not an easy task and if you’re not experienced in this kind of work then I’d suggest hiring an expert to replace it for you.

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How To Fix PS4 Loud Fan Without Taking It Apart

We’ve already discussed some ways that you can use to clean the fan from the outside.

Canned Air and Cleaning Jelly are great for that. However, if these materials are not available around you then there are some other options that you can use as well.

1. Fan Settings

It is possible to lower the speed of your PS4 fan from settings. You can adjust the speed of your PS4 from your BIOS settings and it’s quite easy.

You will just have to go to Settings and adjust the threshold of your PS4 fan. This way, you can make your fan run slower and it won’t cause any noise.

However, this option is not recommended because slowing down the speed of the fan may cause your console to overheat.

If you’re PS4 is overheating then it will crash frequently and can also cause permanent damage to your Playstation.

2. Play in Cool Area

Sometimes the room temperature can also overheat your console. Try to play in cool areas or use the air conditioner and fan to keep the console from overheating.

Also, make sure to place your PlayStation away from the sunlight as it can also contribute to raising the temperature of the console.

3. Place it Vertically

The majority of the people place their Playstation horizontally but some experts believe that placing your Playstation vertically can also have an impact on your PS4.

Placing it vertically will provide a good airflow inside the console and the cooling system will work more efficiently.

PS4 Fan Loud: How To Make PS4 Quieter ([year] Best Fixes) (5)


The PS4 loud fan is very common among the PS4 but it’s mostly found in old-models of the PS4.

The newer models don’t really have such problems. I hope that this guide helped you through the whole process and you will be able to fix your loud PS4.

The canned air is the best solution for this noise problem and you could also use cleaning jelly to remove the dust from the vents.

If external options are not working for you then it’s better to take apart the whole thing and thoroughly clean the console.

A broken fan is sometimes the culprit and if you don’t know how to replace it then you should take it to an expert. If you can do it yourself then you can get a new cooling fan from here.

If after all these efforts, you’re still facing issues then make sure to get your PS4 checked by professionals and hopefully they will make your PS4 quieter.

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